Mumo Three in one

The only high chair which
converts into walker and chair

MUMO follows your baby’s growth

helping him/her at mealtimes, while learning to walk
and when growing

The high chair will help your baby at mealtime,
the walker will nurture your toddler’s first steps,
the chair will support your child in his
first drawing and writing activities at a table.
MUMO is solid, safe, and comfortable for your baby.
MUMO is practical, functional and simple to use for you.

It takes you 15/20 seconds to convert MUMO from a high chair into a baby walker and vice versa. With a simple rotating movement the rear wheels, which lock into place when the high chair is stationary, can roll when MUMO converts into a walker. When your child grows, you can remove the rigid wooden crotch and MUMO becomes a comfortable chair.




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Product features

Solid sturdy wood treated with a special easy to wash non-toxic paint

Safety belts (conforming to safety regulations)

Removable tray (it can be used both on the high chair and on the walker)

Removable rigid wooden crotch (the upper part of the high chair becomes a chair for kids)

2 front wheels (with brakes for easy movement)

2 rear wheels (they lock in place with a rotating movement)

2 wipe clean and removable pads (1 seat cover for the high chair, 1 padded seat for the baby walker - it can be adjusted to different height settings) made of a non-toxic, anti-mite and made-in-Italy material, which respects your baby’s skin. The two pads can be bought separately.

2 functional and safe side levers to clasp the walker to the chair.


High chair: cm 56 x p 60 h 100

Walker: cm 56 x p 60 h 51 seduta regolabile in altezza

Chair: cm 44 x 38 h 59

Rocker: cm 70 x p 36,2 h 10


High chair: 9,1 kg

Walker: 3,2 kg

Chair: 4,9 kg

Tray: 1,0 kg

Rocker: 2,245 kg

Images of the 3 high chair's pieces with sizes


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Available colors

Customize your MUMO selecting the colors you like best.



  • vassoio_naturale
  • vassoio_bianco
  • vassoio_rosso
  • vassoio_giallo
  • vassoio_verde


  • girello_naturale
  • girello_bianco
  • girello_rosso
  • girello_giallo
  • girello_verde


  • sedia_naturale
  • sedia_bianca
  • sedia_rossa
  • sedia_gialla
  • sedia_verde


Seat cover
(for high chair)

  • imb_sed_gialla
  • imb_sed_blu
  • imb_sed_verde
  • imb_sed_rossa

Padded seat
(for walker)

  • imb_gir_gialla
  • imb_gir_blu
  • imb_gir_verde
  • imb_gir_rossa

High chair (tray, chair and walker)

Price on request

Pad for high chair and chair

Price on request

Padded seat for walker

Price on request

Accessories (spare parts)

Safety belts

Price on request

2 side levers

Price on request

4 wheels (2 lock into place)

Price on request

Removable tray

Price on request


Price on request

The company reserves the right to modify the product, either partially or totally, without any prior notice.

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